Be More Energy Efficient With New Windows

Unfortunately, many large power plants throughout the country still generate electricity by producing carbon emissions. Reducing your energy consumption is a great way to reduce your individual carbon footprint and live more sustainably. You can use less energy by having new windows installed. This upgrade won’t require you to change your lifestyle in any way. Moreover, it adds value to your home, protects your home from damage, and saves you money on your monthly electric bill.

Keep Your Climate Controlled Air Inside

You may have noticed that there’s a significant increase in your energy costs during the cold winter months or the hot summer months. When it’s cold out, old windows provide poor insulation against freezing temperatures and strong winds. When it’s warm out, old windows offer little protection against intense heat and humidity. Your home’s HVAC system will have to work doubly hard to keep up with your desired temperature settings due to faulty windows. New windows will equip your home with a far better barrier of insulation from the elements, and you’ll see less variation in your electricity usage as the seasons change.

Create Tight Seals

One way that old windows start to negatively affect your HVAC usage is poor seals. Double-paned windows can lose the tightness of their seals over time. Also, frames that have warped or sustained damage after many years of let in drafts. Windows that don’t close well are a big problem for homeowners, and not just when it comes to energy usage. They can leave your home vulnerable to water intrusion and potentially cause mold to form.

Replacement windows’ strong seals and thick glass will fortify your home and help you use less energy on heating and cooling. You’ll avoid overburdening your HVAC system, and you’ll feel more comfortable when the temperatures outside are oppressive. You’ll make your homelife more sustainable, and you’ll make your energy bills more predictable.