Prepping Your Home for an Upcoming Window Replacement

A window replacement is an important home improvement that can add to the beauty, safety, and comfort of your home. Outdated windows can allow outdoor air to leak inside, resulting in unwanted temperature changes. Windows that do not close or lock properly can also be a safety hazard. When you have these fixtures upgraded, you can enjoy a more secure home with an updated look.

Window replacement is certainly a job that should be left to the experts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to do your share to help make the process run smoothly. Before a contractor arrives at your home to begin work on replacing your windows, make sure you’ve taken the time to prep your home.

1. Talk With Your Home Security Company

If you have any security sensors installed on your existing windows, you’ll want to deactivate and remove them prior to the start of the job. Talk with your security company to determine the right way to do this to ensure there are no false alarms or other issues during the work. Once the window replacement is complete, have your sensors upgraded or reinstalled properly so you can continue to protect your home.

2. Talk With Your Contractor

Ask your contractor about the timeline and where they intend to start the job. This can help you prep the right areas first and make arrangements in case it impacts your daily schedule or routine. They can also notify you of anything specific that might be needed during the project.

3. Clear a Space for the Work

It’s a good idea to clear the area both directly around and nearby the affected windows. Place drop cloths over furniture or items that could be damaged by dirt or dust, which will likely enter your home as the windows are swapped out. Be sure to completely remove all curtains, blinds and shades, and any nearby wall hangings as well.

Before the work begins, take a few steps to prepare your home. This can help ensure that your window replacement runs smoother and more efficiently.