Two Things to Know About Roofing Damage

Two Things to Know About Roofing Damage

Homeowners go to great length to protect their homes, investing hundreds even thousands of dollars to ensure it is well-maintained. The cost of the home is a significant investment, and the most critical component of protection for that investment is the roof. The primary job of the roof is to protect the building and all of its contents from damaging weather elements. Often taken for granted, a roof is responsible for keeping you and your belongings from being soaked with rain, frozen in snow, and neighbors with squirrels or birds. When you notice damage on the roof, you might be faced with either a roof repair or a roof replacement.

1. Knowing When the Cost is Worth It

The thought of having to replace your roof might immediately send signals of dollars and cents, but this is one expense that is worth every penny. If your roof has cracks, not only are you susceptible to water damage from leaks, but you jeopardize the efficiency of your HVAC units. Cracks allow hot or cold air to escape from the home, which put more stress on your heating or air conditioning units. This burns more energy and electricity, and it can also shorten the lifecycle of the units. This makes roof replacements a long-term cost-saving solution.

2. Knowing Who to Call

Although you may be able to visibly see a leak, a professional roofing contractor can inspect the whole area for damage or structural weakness. When an inspection isn’t conducted regulatory, even the smallest of problems can blossom into something bigger and more difficult to fix. Their expertise can help you know the difference between a situation needing a roof replacement or just roof repair. Simply replacing missing shingles or tiles can be dangerous if the underlying structural support has been compromised.

Anytime work is done on the roof, whether a single-story building or a multi-story, safety can become an issue. It is always best to contact your local roofing specialist for help with replacing your roof or having an inspection done.