Helpful Solutions for Your Pool Deck Problems

Damage to your concrete pool deck can cause great concern. It may make you wonder, “Will the process of fixing it be expensive? Will my pool be unusable? If so, for how long?” Though pool deck replacement and concrete pool deck repair solutions can sometimes be intimidating, they should not have to be if service from quality professionals is used.


Lifted slabs and large, uneven cracks are the most common damages to concrete pool decks. Not only do cracks detract from the pool’s inviting appearance, they pose tripping hazards. Water is intended to be directed away from the pool’s edges because concrete pool decks are often constructed with a slope to prevent slipping. The dangers of both tripping on a crack and slipping on water around pool concrete are amplified because of the potential for drowning.


The need for concrete pool deck repair solutions likely stems from soil settlement. Over time, a slope in the deck may gradually develop from such settlement. This commonly happens over a ten-year period. It can also happen suddenly, however, in which case a crack often occurs.

Along with natural freezing/thawing cycles, shrinkage can also cause a cracked pool deck. If this occurs, it is likely because that during the original concrete pouring process, there may have been too much water in the mixture. Excess water often results in the concrete pulling apart during the drying process because of the lost volume.


Sometimes excavation may be necessary. However, “lifting” is a solution that can be faster, cheaper, and safer. Lifting is when an inserted substance returns the slab to its original height by propping it up.

Despite potentially hazardous damages to your pool deck, there are concrete pool deck repair solutions offered by professionals that can remedy the problem and provide peace of mind.

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