How to Choose a Style for Your Bathroom

When remodeling your home, your bathroom becomes the focal point for the style discussion. Every home has its style and often, bathrooms have their theme. If you’re stuck on the theme when thinking about bathroom remodeling, it doesn’t hurt to hear a few tips on how to choose the best style.

Think About Modernization

When was the last time that you had your bathroom remodeled? A lot of bathrooms are in serious need of an overhaul. If you have outdated wallpaper, a tiny shower or an oversized tub, you may want to start considering a more modern touch to the bathroom.

Think about flat rock showers and glass shower frames. Modern bathrooms are airy and open. The appliances that you choose and the layout can dictate how large your bathroom appears. Think about the types of countertops that you’d like. Do you appreciate granite for a modern or clean look? Do you want sharp lines for a modern and clean appearance? In bathroom remodeling, you want to improve on the old look.

Focus on Your Lighting

Most outdated bathrooms have poor lighting. Many people prefer recessed lighting in the bathroom. This can be less harsh but also provide plenty of light for the bathroom. Often, older bathrooms are darker, both in color and in the lighting.

Consider How Materials Affect the Theme

The materials that you use for your bathroom remodel can enhance the theme. For instance, if you want a bathroom with a beach theme, you may want to think about washed out wood for the vanity or gray tile for the floor. Your materials and colors should complement the theme.

Your bathroom’s style is going to depend on your tastes. Additionally, it can depend on the type of bathroom that you already have. How much of an overhaul are you willing to budget into the project? You need to factor budget and style into bathroom remodeling.

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