Ten Signs You Need A Roof Replacement or Roof Repair

Take Our 10 Point Roof Inspection Test and See If It Is Time For A Professional Roof Inspection. See the top ten signs you need a roof replacement or roof repair.

We often first hear from homeowners when their roof reaches the age of about 20 years.  20 years ago roofing shingles were designed, sold and installed with an expected life expectancy of 20 to 30 years depending on the level of quality that the homeowner or builder chose at that time. If you are curious, look at the checklist below and learn the top ten signs you need a roof replacement or roof repair.

Many factors that contribute to a roof’s life expectancy, like the underlayment materials used at the time of installation, shingle exposure to direct sun. Then you add in excessive attic temperatures (caused by lack of ventilation), hail/wind storm damage, tree and plant droppings, the effects of the area’s freeze/thaw cycles, the occasional foot traffi c in gutter cleaning, other home repair work and so many other factors.

Typically homeowners lack the experience (or take the time) to identify visible roof damage and sometimes damage occurs underneath the shingles. Understanding the remaining years of your roof’s life and planning for its replacement is always better than being surprised with a signifi cant replacement expense, often made worse from roof failure and leak damage.

Behind all of these unknown issues is the premise of our Free 10 Point Roof Inspection.  How many of the below boxes will you check yes on the top ten signs you need a roof replacement or roof repair. An informed and knowledgeable homeowner is our goal.

❑ Yes ❑ No 1) Are there any loose or missing shingles?

❑ Yes ❑ No 2) Do any shingles show curling, cracking or broken corners?

❑ Yes ❑ No 3) Are there signs of moss or lichen growing on the shingles?

❑ Yes ❑ No 4) Are there any signs of hail or lightning damage?

❑ Yes ❑ No 5) Does the fl ashing around the chimney, valleys or connected structures show failure, cracking or loss of sealant?

❑ Yes ❑ No 6) Do the through roof vent stacks show deteriorating in the rubber gaskets?

❑ Yes ❑ No 7) Do any skylights show deterioration in the fl ashing, curb, failed glass, or glazing?

❑ Yes ❑ No 8) Does the roof have adequate soffi t and roof ventilation for the size of the attic?

❑ Yes ❑ No 9) Are there signs of failed decking, sagging underlayment, or excessive drainage damage in any area?

❑ Yes ❑ No 10) Do any interior ceiling surfaces show water infiltration stains or damage?

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