Concrete Options for Your Patio

You may already know many of the advantages of having a concrete patio. Concrete is relatively inexpensive, low maintenance and durable. What you may not know is that there are also a lot of design options when it comes to concrete. Here are some ways you can enjoy the practical benefits of concrete without sacrificing a beautiful aesthetic.

If you use concrete for your patio, you aren’t limited to the standard gray shades that you may imagine when you think about cement. Brick and tile are two of the ways to add a splash of color to your patio. Color can also be added directly to the dement mixture before it is poured to give you a beautiful custom hue that is perfect for your backyard. If you already have a concrete patio, you can have it stained to match the color you want. The options are practically endless.

When concrete is poured, it is fairly malleable until it dries. This gives your contractor the opportunity to implement some design elements to enhance its beauty. One of the common ways of doing this is by scoring the concrete after it sets a little. You can choose a pattern for your entire patio or decide that you want embellishments at the edges. Stamping works in a similar way, except instead of etching the pattern, it is stamped into the wet concrete. You may decide that a patio built of concrete bricks gives you the look you want. Finally, you can get an extra smooth finish by having the patio sandblasted when it is dry. It all depends on how you want the final outcome to look.

A concrete patio is a good idea for many reasons. It is easy to clean and it can last a long time. There are many design options as well. Your contractor can detail the options that are available to you.