Going Green With Your Doors and Windows

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Everyone talks about going green but is it really that important? Yes. Don’t believe the conspiracy theorists. Scientists have proven worldwide that global warming is a serious issue devastating ecosystems on a daily basis. Even if you don’t care, which hopefully isn’t the case, going green in a window replacement can also save you money, so you win alongside the earth.


If you live in an area where you would benefit from them, consider a door replacement, too, with storm doors. These doors are designed to give your home additional insulation against the elements, whether that is severe summer heat or brutal winter cold. Storm doors (and windows), especially ENERGY STAR models, reduce your utility bills significantly, so they’re worth the investment.


When the winter weather reaches its freezing point, you can laugh at the outdoor elements. Your new storm doors and windows will keep you toasty warm inside. To give your home even more protection, purchase plastic window insulation and affix the film over your windows and doors. Or, ask the professionals to do so during your window replacement project.


Don’t forget to have the professionals properly caulk and weather-strip the windows and doors. This prevents cold air from seeping in through cracks. It also prevents the warm air from seeping outside in the winter, and the cold air from escaping in the summer. When your HVAC unit operates more efficiently, you save money on maintenance and repairs.


Think about it this way. Take a balloon and fill it with air. Then, poke a tiny hole in it with a pin. The air seeps out slowly and the balloon deflates. Your home is your balloon, and the air inside needs to stay inside for maximum climate control. If you don’t have this maximum control, you lose air, or in this case, money. It costs you more to maintain the climate.


This is why a window replacement is a good idea when needed. It’s also a good idea to replace the doors when necessary, too.