How To Go Green Using Double Hung Windows and Sash Replacements

Home Remodeling

Double-hung windows are usually a classic and elegant way to provide all of the normal functions that your window should provide: light, ventilation and temperature control. However, depending on how old your window really is, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are some ways that replacing the sashes in your windows can be better for the environment.


One way that this design can be eco-friendly is providing free air conditioning. With this window, there are two sashes that can open independently of each other. During the summer, you can open both, allowing warm air to escape from the top window and the cool air from outside to replace it through the bottom window. This can lower your heating costs as well as use less natural resources through the use of the AC system.


Another way that double-hung windows can be more efficient is by being easier to clean by reducing water spots. This is more specifically if you use a certain type of high performance glass. Generally, less cleaning means you are using less water which is better for the environment.


These types of windows are also usually made of vinyl, wood and a binder that prevents rotting. This allows you to get the look of wood without the problem of upkeep and replacement that you would have with natural wood. How does this help the environment? You could use less wood this way than you would if you were replacing or repairing windows made of real wood every time they rotted.


There can be a few different ways to get both convenience and energy efficiency out of your double-hung window. This could be great for not only the average consumer, but also the environmentally conscious one, as well. One nice part is they are so widely available that finding a quality supplier should be relatively easy.