Assessing Storm Damage in Maryland

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Weather conditions in our region are always unpredictable and can deteriorate quickly. Extreme conditions such as hail, torrential rain, wind, and heavy snow can severely harm your roof and siding. When any of these conditions cause destruction to your home’s finish, turn to Insulators Home Exteriors. They are affordable contractors that all Maryland residents count on for fast response and professional storm damage repair.

Free Inspection to Assess Destruction

Insulators Home Exteriors, apart from timely and professional repairs, offers a free inspection to detect and assess Mother Nature’s wreckage. Feel free to call us if bad weather hits, and we will send a professional to analyze the damage to your house and propose the best solutions to address the encountered issues. Our services include a team of qualified professionals with the necessary skills to quickly and efficiently estimate damage, provide emergency repairs to minimize consequential damages, and make complete repairs to restore your siding and roof to its optimum condition. We can handle different types of siding and roofing materials with ease. Apart from repairing your roof, contact us to restore gutters, siding, and windows, which have been impaired due to poor barometric conditions.

Various Storms Cause Wreckage in MD

The types of severe weather that we typically encounter, and address, includes loss from high winds, falling debris, hail, snow, ice, and ice dams. In case you are dealing with any of these weather-related problems, rely on our qualified professionals. Apart from repairing your house, we can help you document the damage and provide detailed repair estimates to help you file storm claims faster.

Wind Damage

During any harsh conditions, the wind can gust in upwards of 90 mph and blow in the 60-65 mph range. These winds can severely wreak havoc on your residence, especially the exterior. High winds can loosen or tear off your shingles and siding. Wind can also loosen flashing, pry off your gutters and even topple chimneys.

Typically, strong winds are combined with other severe conditions such as rain or snow. If shingles have been ripped off the top of your house during heavy rains, you should contact Insulators Home Exteriors to inspect it. Our qualified roofers will ensure that the affected area doesn’t expand and cause even bigger problems. Keep in mind that even moderate-speed winds can also harm your home’s exterior. Once strong winds encounter your structure, they tend to slip into tiny cracks in your roofing and siding structure. This may lead to the loss of shingles and siding with great force.

Falling Debris

Falling and flying debris such as tree limbs and wind-driven wreckage is another factor that may cause severe structural weakening to your house. During unpredictable conditions, this debris can penetrate your roof deck and siding panels and allow water to come in.

Hail Damage

Most people know that a stray baseball can cause destruction. Now, imagine what hail can do. Dents and cracks caused by hail is often invisible to the untrained eye; therefore it is imperative to call us to schedule a free inspection. Most homeowners aren’t aware of detriment until it has developed into a significant problem and is rather costly to address.

If you don’t inspect your roof and siding after being hit with hail, you are bound to face a lot of problems shortly. Hail of any size can harm your dwelling. Even if it is as small as a quarter, it may chip away at the granulation of your shingles or cause them to break. Although granule loss doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can lead to a leak. In rare cases, it can allow large sections of your roof to detach. Perhaps, the most concerning is that if you leave hail damage unaddressed, you are actually increasing the chance that your roof and siding will be impaired by other additional weather conditions. To avoid the mentioned issues, you should address any harm to your property, caused by hail, promptly.

Rain Causes Homes to Deteriorate

Rain, in and of itself, will not harm your roofing structure. However, it is the biggest culprit of abusing any weaknesses that are already exists in your dwelling. For example, shingles weakened by bad weather are also prone to loss from the rain. This invasion of weather will lead to further issues by forcing tiles to pull away and causing leaks.

It is not hard to detect whether or not you have a leak. If you see water where it doesn’t belong, contact our experts for further inspection. We will repair your roof before the leakage causes your structure to be weakened.

Snow and Ice Damage

The weight of snow won’t cause your roof to collapse under pressure. However, the severe decline in temperature might lift or warp your shingles and other roofing materials. In case brittleness is created, shingles may snap under pressure. Heavy snow can also put stress on rafters and the underlying roof structure, while the sharp decline in temperature may loosen flashing and masonry.

You should also be aware of melting ice and snow because it can cause water to back up and seep under roof tiles. Even if the smallest amount of water gets into your house, it can cause your structure to weaken with consequential repairs needing to be made to your walls, ceilings, and flooring.

What Should You Do After a Storm?

If your house has been hit by a severe weather, it is best to contact us and get an inspection. Keep in mind that missing asphalt shingles are not the only indication of wreckage caused to your house. The truth is that any type of unsettling conditions can cause all sorts of issues for your exterior and that many of them are undetectable by an untrained eye at first glance. For this reason, even if your house looks like it is in the same condition as it was prior to Mother Nature taking hold, it is vital to understand that your structure may still be affected.

Insulators Home Exteriors, apart from offering inspections due to harsh winds, temperature, and rain, also provides emergency support during such drastic climate changes. If you need interior protection because your roof is leaking, contact us to provide emergency tarping services, and ensure everyone in your home stays warm, dry, and safe.

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