Building Codes Apply to Decks and Gazebos

If you’re excited about the prospect of building your own deck, you may want to rethink taking on this DIY project. Decks and gazebos must follow building codes. You’ll have to become familiar with local laws and regulations before taking on this large project. Here are a few ways a professional contractor can save you this DIY headache.

Save Time

First, a contractor can build your deck quickly. Don’t spend weeks fighting with your deck designs, warped boards and difficult footings. Enjoy the hassle-free installation of a licensed and qualified builder.

Follow Local Laws

Next, regulations vary depending on your location. Hiring a local contractor with experience building decks and gazebos ensures you won’t have any surprises from your local inspector.

A common mistake by homeowners is improper footings. Footings are the foundation posts that keep your deck level and safely supported. There’s a minimum depth in your area, but that depth changes depending on your state and county. Northern states require deeper footings to account for frost heaves.

All decks also need a ledger board to secure it to your home. Without these two foundational components, your deck or gazebo will be built incorrectly. Failure to follow code could force you to completely take apart and rebuild your deck.

Professional Designs

Finally, it’s difficult to know where to start when building your first deck or gazebo. There’s a wide range of beautiful designs available. Whether you have an idea that you aren’t sure how to implement, or you’re a completely blank slate, a professional contractor can also assist you in creating a stunning design that is cost-effective, elegant and safe to use.

Ask a local contractor for an estimate to start your project today. Decks and gazebos add value to your home and help you enjoy your yard and natural surroundings. Whether you’re looking for a front porch to enjoy the view or a spacious gazebo for entertaining guests, it’s best to have a professional installation team.

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