Choose an Experienced Builder for Your Deck

Every summer, collapsing decks make the news. While even a well-made deck can collapse over time due to dry rot an aging, a new deck not properly constructed can collapse too. Some of these collapses are fatal, especially when the fall is from two floors up or higher. Because of this, it’s important to choose an experienced builder for your deck. Here are some important things to consider for deck building.

  1.  Years of Experience

Some general contractors can spend decades renovating or remodeling homes and only build only one or two decks. Always ensure they have specific experience building decks. You can verify this by asking about completed projects. Note that most people build their decks at ground level, so if you need your deck built off a higher floor, look for contractors with experience doing this.

  1.  Warranty Policies

Collapsing is the worst-case scenario, but there are tons of smaller problems that may pop up with a deck. You may later discover the wood is not as strong as it first appeared or that nails were not properly hammered in or filed down. All of these can present safety issues for your family and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Without a warranty, however, you may end up having to pay for these things out of pocket.

  1.  References

Looking at completed projects is one thing, but what did the homeowners think of them? Did they get what they asked for, or did the contractor pressure them into getting something else? What was it like working with the contractors? Was the build completed on time and within budget? These are some of the many questions that references can answer.

Deck building allows you to make better use of your outdoor space. The smaller or more cramped the home, the more important this is. Hiring a professional and experienced builder helps to ensure a high-quality build you can enjoy safely.

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Let’s Talk

Request a no-hassle consultation with our team today.