Considerations Before Starting Your Second Story Remodel

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When you love your home’s location but need more space, a second story remodeling project can make your dreams come true. Before you break out the blueprints, here are some thoughts to help you maximize your plans.

A Chance to Upgrade the Whole House

The first step in any remodel should be to develop a clear vision of the finished product. Ask yourself how much more space you need and how you’d like to use it. Then, consider multitasking. A second story remodeling is going to require opening at least some of the walls. That makes it an ideal time to improve your home’s insulation, update your roofing or refresh your home’s color scheme.

A Roof Over Your Head

Unfortunately, when your house is growing upward, your roof will most likely need to be removed. That means you and your family will need to relocate for a while. Plan ahead for where you’re going to stay, and if necessary, set aside extra money for a hotel or temporary rental property.

A Support System

Be prepared for some structural reshuffling to help your house support the added weight of more rooms. You and your design architect may need to employ some creative problem-solving to ensure that your upstairs vision is compatible with the laws of physics.

A Contractor You Can Trust

Perhaps the most essential element in any remodeling project is hiring a capable, competent and experienced contractor. Ensure that your contractor can help you both with the design and the execution of your plan. Research his or her company, view pictures of past work, and ask for an estimate up front. Interview potential contractors. Choose one you feel comfortable communicating with, who is willing to listen to your concerns and incorporate your feedback into his or her process.

A second story remodeling project requires a lot of thought and effort. However, the results can make your old home feel new again.

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