Home Addition Ideas – Adding Value to Your Property

Does your house feel too small? Whether your family has grown or you’ve saved enough money to invest more in your house, there can be many reasons to choose home additions. Here are some of the common ways to add value to your property by expanding your home.

Spare Bedroom

A classic add-on is another bedroom. Whether you convert your office, finish off your garage or simply add another room to your home, a new bedroom can add value to your house. Many families who choose to expand do so because of another child or a relative needs to live with them. A bedroom is one of the most practical ways to increase both your house and your household.

Finished Basement

Do you have a basement? Many older homes have a basement that isn’t considered living space. Whether it’s unheated, plain cement walls or missing light fixtures, remodeling a basement is still typically the least expensive home additions. For some homes, you can double your square footage with this simple addition.

Garages and Patios

Homes that experience harsh climates often have a garage to protect their vehicles. Upgrade your home with a new or expanded garage to add value to your home and retain value in your vehicles.

Patios are the perfect way to enjoy your yard throughout the spring and summer. A patio is less expensive than most additions, so you’ll be able to improve the value and functionality of your home while still saving money.

Major Additions

Finally, some homeowners choose to go big. Adding a second story, doubling your square footage or incorporating a garage, multiple bedrooms and extra bathrooms all into an addition can completely alter your home. In terms of home additions, there are few limits to what you can achieve. Of course, this option will be far more costly than minor improvements or expansions. Whether you’re going all-out or looking for a small patio or additional room, contact a local remodeling or building contractor to get an estimate on your dream addition.

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