How to Change the Style and Function of Your Bathroom

If you’ve ever thought that your bathroom could use an update or if you don’t find it as functional as you’d like, you’re not alone. Fortunately, some simple bathroom remodeling can completely change that. Here are three things to pay attention to when it comes to changing your bathroom’s style and function.


The look of your bathroom is predominately impacted by the materials that make up your bathroom sinks and cabinets. For instance, porcelain countertops will create an entirely different style from granite. Equally, there are a variety of woods that can either make or break the function of your bathroom. When it comes down to it, a simple change in any of the materials of your bathroom will make it stand out in a fresh new style.


The dimensions of your bathroom are everything. When it comes to remodeling, everything has to fit right. If you have a smaller space, you can utilize mirrors, glass and smaller appliances to balance out the space and create the illusion of it being larger.  When taking on bathroom remodeling, you don’t want bulky sinks or cabinets in a smaller bathroom. If your bathroom looks clumsy or awkward, having new appliances installed could help.


Storage space can make or break your bathroom’s functionality. You want shelving that works when you need it to. Having deep cabinets full of shelving may be appropriate for your remodel. However, you can also have shelving installed on the walls for extra storage. Without the proper shelving, everything ends up littered on the bathroom counter. This can make it difficult to work around your bathroom and also give it a cluttered, messy appearance.

At the end of the day, bathroom remodeling can completely alter how your bathroom functions for the better. With the proper installation of high quality materials, with the proper dimensions and adequate shelving, your bathroom can quickly become your dream bathroom.

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