How To Choose Fiberglass Exterior Doors for Your Home

Fiberglass exterior doors are a popular choice among homeowners. However, there are countless different manufacturers, which means a range of different fiberglass doors to choose from. How can you choose the right model and make sure you’re getting excellent quality at a price that fits your budget? Here are a few things to look for.

Brand Name

With other things, it’s OK to choose a generic product, but not when it comes to your home’s doors. Exterior doors are vital for keeping your family safe and sound, insulating the home from cold outdoor temps and boosting your energy savings. Investing in a high-quality option is always worth the price. Trusted brand names last longer and use stronger materials in construction.


As you may expect, an exterior door with a longer warranty is generally a better-quality door. Also, having a warranty that covers installation costs means you don’t have to cover expenses out of pocket in the case of defects. When you work with a licensed home contractor for remodeling, you can count on them to select great exterior protection.


Make sure the fiberglass door you choose is rated for durability and strength. It should be able to stand up to tough winds, hail and debris from storms without problems. Other features of fiberglass that make it popular for homes are an incredible resistance to fire, humidity, cold and heat.

Energy Efficiency Rating

If you want to save money on energy costs, look for a fiberglass door that provides maximum energy efficiency. Of course, this only makes sense if your windows, seals and exterior materials also have energy-efficient properties. By insulating the entryway, the home requires less heating in winter and less cooling in summer.


Don’t forget about style. Premium fiberglass doors can look stylish and attractive. You can select brilliant finishes in rich colors that complement the rest of your exterior design. Whether you love vintage, rustic, contemporary or luxurious, there are fiberglass exterior doors to match.

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