How to Inspect Vinyl Siding Before Replacement

Homes across the country feature durable vinyl siding. This easy to maintain material allows homeowners to customize the exterior appearance, but over time, the material can break down. Here’s how to know if your home needs siding replacement.

Aesthetic Issues

The weather and sun can fade siding panels making them unsightly. The panels may have no obvious signs of damage, but they may no longer match the look of the home that you want. Siding replacement can protect the home for another decade while instantly improving the home’s exterior. If you are selling your home or wish to improve the value, replacing the siding can be an easy upgrade.

Inside Damage

One way to tell if the siding is no longer doing its job is if there is water damage or mold visible on the interior walls. Outside the damaged room, inspect the siding to see if there are any broken or loose panels. Moisture can seep through the siding if it is not secure and whole. Check the exterior sheathing with a thin tool such as a screwdriver placed under the panel to see if there is any give.

Damaged Panels

Broken, warped or loose panels can allow moisture in to damage the exterior sheathing and enter the home. Too much moisture can cause mildew and mold on the siding panels themselves giving a further indication that there is a water problem. High winds can put undue pressure on the panels causing breaks and cracks. They can deteriorate as they age or crack under the weight of tree limbs crashing into them.

A professional can assess the damage to determine how much area needs immediate siding replacement or whether you should consider a total overhaul. If the siding is over ten years old, it may be time to consider full replacement. Only a professional can truly assess the damage and its extent. Ideally, have a professional inspect the siding as soon as you notice a problem to prevent further issues.

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