How to Renovate on a Budget: 8 Money-Saving Tips

How To Renovate On A Budget: 8 Money-Saving Tips

Renovating your home isn’t cheap. In fact, it can eat away at your savings quite quickly. If you’re tired of looking at your run-down home, though, there are ways you can renovate your rooms on a budget. Here are eight money-saving tips worth trying.

1. Add a Backsplash to Your Kitchen to Give It a New Look

If the idea of creating an entirely new look for your kitchen is daunting, consider adding a unique backsplash instead. You can add a splash of color to an otherwise all-white kitchen. Or you can choose a theme, such as something rustic, contemporary, or cozy. You can have the backsplash run across the entire length of your kitchen, or you can have it highlight a specific area. There are also backsplashes in materials like slab or tile that can give your kitchen a layered look. Whatever your choice, try to aim for something unique.

2. Paint Your Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Updating your bathroom and kitchen cabinets can easily climb into five figures. However, if this isn’t in your budget, consider painting them instead. You can give your bathroom and kitchen spaces an entirely new look by simply applying a new color. To brighten up a room, choose light, pastel colors. On the other hand, if you want a cozy, rustic feel, warm brown tones can be a great choice. Don’t be afraid of other colors, though. Blue, green, and even yellow can make a room look stunning.

3. Replace Your Flooring With a Peel-and-Stick Option

Replacing your floors is an extremely expensive renovation, especially if you have a large home. If your floors look worn-down however, and you simply can’t afford to redo every room, consider peel-and-stick options. You can get peel-and-stick vinyl plank flooring as well as peel-and-stick tile options. The beauty of peel-and-stick flooring is that you can layer them over your old flooring. This is an affordable option for those who can’t invest in luxury flooring. Some great areas to use peel-and-stick flooring are in your laundry room, a guest room, basements, or walk-in closets.

4. Change Your Window Shades or Curtains

Renovating your windows isn’t always feasible, especially if you have a lot of windows and you want to upgrade to double-pane windows. However, you can always change the look of your room by changing your window treatments. You can select wood blinds or high-quality curtains. Whether you’re looking to add a little more privacy or create a specific mood, window treatments can help you achieve the look you need. If there’s too much sunlight pouring into a room and possibly destroying your floors and furniture, you can always install vinyl or aluminum blinds. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are another option, too.

5. Add Wallpaper to Your Walls to Brighten Up a Room

Does your garage space, laundry room, or basement look grungy? Sometimes, you may not want to dish out the money to paint those rooms. But, you still want them to look appealing. There are a variety of peel-and-stick wallpaper options on the market that can give you any kind of look you want. You may want a minimalist, grungy, playful, or meditative feel. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is also great in children’s rooms. As they grow up, their tastes will change, and you can always choose the wallpaper based on their new preferences.

6. Install New Light Fixtures in Select Rooms

It may not be feasible or affordable to cut holes into your walls and let in natural light. But, you do have the choice of selecting unique lighting fixtures. You can place LED strips along a bookshelf to highlight your book collection or opt for lighting fixtures that are part of the room’s décor. If you want to set a specific mood with your lights, think about adding downlights, lampshades, or even well-placed floor lights. If you’re trying to add more light to an otherwise dark, gloomy room, use lights with diffusion so you can disperse the lights.

7. Add Built-In Shelves

It’s a nice idea to expand your room with an add-on. However, this is expensive and not always an affordable option for homeowners. If you have a lot of stuff, rather than trying to expand your space, you should look into creating more storage space. A good way to add storage space to rooms without expanding them is to create built-in shelves. And the beauty of adding built-in shelves is that you can add them to just about any room. While you can do it yourself, hiring a contractor to do it for you will ensure it’s done professionally.

8. Replace Old Appliances and Faucets

Sometimes new appliances in your kitchen can make it look like you gave your space a mini makeover. Old stoves and fridges can make a room look dull, but once you swap out your old appliances for new ones, you’ll give your kitchen an immediate upgrade. Not to mention, you’ll also have brand-new appliances that work better and are more efficient. In the bathroom, you can replace your shower and faucets to give your bathroom a more contemporary look.

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