Modern Bathroom Renovations: Follow the KISS Formula

If you’re looking to create a modern bathroom, the best formula to follow is KISS, which stands for Keep It Simply Simple. The idea behind this bathroom remodeling method is that modern space requires minimalistic decorating. You don’t want to fill the room with ugly colors or old furniture pieces. Take a look at this checklist of decorating with the KISS method.

Minimalize Personalization

While you need some storage space, your bathroom shouldn’t be filled from top to bottom with cupboards and drawers. Keep some blank space for a sleeker look. The same goes with wall hangings and decorative bric-a-brac. Less is more.

Update Fixtures

Most homes are old enough that bathroom fixtures are outdated. An easy way to upgrade your space is to replace faucets and light fixtures with new modern pieces. Bathroom remodeling can also involve replacing your old bathtub with something in a trendy shape or buying a toilet with a contemporary look.

Make Minor Adjustments

Even if you don’t want to rip out the whole bathroom and start over, there are adjustments you can make to improve your space in an affordable manner. For example, add a mirror that runs from floor to ceiling to make the room appear bigger. Or perhaps you want to add skylights to add natural light. Pick modern light fixtures for a new look or paint the room a neutral and sophisticated shade to brighten up the space. There are plenty of things you can do to upgrade your bathroom on a budget.

Keeping your decorating simple is the best way to create a modern look. Be sure to work with your contractor to pick out the top pieces that will enhance your bathroom and make it a place of pride within your home. Afterward, it will be your job to keep it uncluttered and as beautiful as it is functional.

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