Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is here and now is the time to look at your home and start those repairs and tune-ups in order to keep your home in good working order. These spring home maintenance tips, tune-ups and repairs can also help alleviate costly repairs down the line. Home experts suggest a few things that need to be looked at on your home this time of year.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

A good starting point for your springtime home repair is a look at the outside of your home. You will be inspecting for any obvious damage to the structure and its components. A few spring home maintenance tips that can save you trouble down the road are:

Windows & Doors Are Some Of The Most Important Spring Home Maintenance Tips

  • Remember to check your outdoor faucets for freeze damage. This can be done both visually and also by turning on the water. Hold your finger over the flowing faucet. If the water is easy to stop you might have freeze damage to the pipes.
  • Now is the time for an inspection of your windows and doors. Look for loose caulking at the sills and also around the window and door frame where it meets the house.
  • If you have rotten wood, you should have someone take a look at this. You might need window repair or window replacement.
  • Check for cracks and loose or missing calk.
  • Check all windows and doors from the inside of your home for air coming into your house. This can signify the need for new energy saving replacement windows or doors.
  • Also look for any depressions or standing water in your yard that was not previously there.

Gutters and downspouts

  • Check for obvious damage.
  • Do you notice any of your Gutters or downspouts out of place?
  • Are there obvious leaks?
  • Are the downspouts draining free and clear away from your home’s foundation?
  • Now is also a good time to put a ladder up to check the gutters for debris.

Roof Repair and Roof Inspection

  • While up on the roof visually check the roof for any damage here or needs for roof repair.
  • Look for out of place or missing shingles.
  • Also, take a walk at ground level to visually inspect the roof.
  • While walking around the outside look at the flashing around the chimney and vents for any loose or missing calk.
  • Also, observe the vents for any evidence of nesting birds or other animals.
  • If you feel uncomfortable going on the roof to check any of this or just your skills and abilities to assess or repair these items you can always hire a home repair professional to do the job for you.

Air Conditioning and Heating Check 

  • Now is the time to check your air conditioner. Springtime will soon give way to hot summer days. While a thorough check is best done by a home repair professional, there are a few simple things you can do.
  • Make sure the outside unit is free and clear of debris. This will help assure good airflow and maximum efficiency in the operation of your unit.
  • Change filters on the inside that you can access. Follow manufacturers recommendations on the size needed and also gaining access to them.
  • Turn the unit on and listen and observe both inside and outside. Listen for any unusual noises and observe for any unusual vibrations on both the inside and outside of the unit.
  • Place the thermostat to an operating temperature and see if the unit cools your house to temperature in a timely fashion.Remember if you are uncomfortable completing these spring home maintenance tips, do not hesitate to contact a us or home repair professional for help in completing these spring cleanup tasks.

If you are uncomfortable completing these spring home maintenance tips, do not hesitate to contact us for help in completing these spring cleanup tasks.

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