What’s the Difference Between Aluminum and Vinyl Windows?

Replacing your windows can change the way your home or office looks and save you money on cooling and heating costs. With all the varieties available, it can be difficult to choose a window replacement without knowing more about them. Aluminum and vinyl windows are popular but have key differences.


Aluminum replacement windows receive a coating treatment that can mimic certain looks such as wood but isn’t usually as aesthetically pleasing as vinyl. A natural wood alternative is the special wood grain available with vinyl that can have maintenance difficulties and be less durable.


Modern architectural homes and offices often use vinyl replacement windows due to their less utilitarian appearance. The thin frame of aluminum windows gives them a high aesthetic value that is perfect for commercial buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly building structures have gotten lots of attention in recent years and windows are no different. Saving costs on heating and cooling the building are a positive benefit of window replacement. Vinyl has a higher energy efficiency rating over aluminum which conducts heat. Outdoor heat can transfer into unwanted indoor heat from aluminum windows unless a thermal break is installed.


Ideally, once you replace your windows, they are strong enough to last for many years without tons of maintenance. Companies and areas that need high-security features may need the strength of aluminum over vinyl to hold up against theft and other issues. After all, you want new windows but still need to keep safety a priority for yourself and your belongings.


Painting and powder coating the surface of both vinyl and aluminum windows can help prevent scratches, marring and cracking. The coating material should be rust-resistant and fade-resistant.

Ultimately, the window replacement you choose takes in all these factors to find the right one for your home or office. A seasoned contractor can install them properly preventing air and water leaks.

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