You Need a New Roof If You See These Signs

Your home is protected by a roof, but if you are like many homeowners, you may forget to look up and check the condition of the roofing material. You may even forget to make a yearly maintenance inspection. Without checking for possible problems, you could leave your home vulnerable. If you find any of these signs, you need a roof replacement.

Water Damage

Water damage on the ceiling of any room in your home could mean there is a problem with your roof. Loose tiles, damaged flashings, or missing shingles can allow water to slip into your attic and cause a great deal of damage. Replacing the roof at the first sign of any roof water damage can prevent future mold or structural problems.

Chimney Leakage

The seal under the flashing surrounding your home’s chimney can weaken with age. Once a small crack appears or a seal ruptures, the flashing allows invisible damage to occur over several years. By the time a homeowner notices the leak, it is often time for a roof replacement due to the water-soaked boards under the flashing.

Shingle Buckles

Harsh weather and high summer heats can cause roofing tiles to curl and buckle. Once a shingle curls, it can easily blow off the house and allow moisture to do damage to your home’s structural integrity. If you see curing shingles all over the roof, it is time for a new house top.

Algae Attacks

In areas that experience wet springs and summers, algae can attack the roofing fabric of your home and weaken the structure. After several years of growing algae, the roots can grow deep into the underlayment and sheathing, and your roof may require replacement.

These are only four of the many signs your home may need a roof replacement. Call in an expert once a year to inspect the area and find out if your home needs a new roof.

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